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HARTING has released 2D/3D CAD data, datasheets, type sheets and certificates to simplify the data management of HARTING products and solutions and save time and money during the machine design phase.


Behind every electrical engineering project are many individual components and a wide range of data: 2D/3D CAD data, datasheets, type sheets, and certificates are all part of the documentation trail.

“Comparatively, more time is spent on article research and the collection, conversion and storage of related documents than on the design itself,” explained Andreas Wedel, Director of Digital Transformation at the HARTING Technology Group.

That is why Andreas and his team are working on new functions to improve the data management for HARTING’s products and solutions.

“Many of our customers still use the old HARTING catalogues, not so much out of nostalgia, but because they are full of notes and bookmarks,” added Andreas. “We wanted to make this practical way of working also possible in our online catalogue.”

The option to add items to your wish list has been available in the HARTING eShop for a long time. Thanks to a new update, it is now possible to add text notes to individual HARTING articles. These notes can be managed and filtered via the myHARTING customer portal.


Saving time with data packets

Additional functions are aimed at the rapid provision of product data and documents necessary for electrical design. The design data, data sheets and type sheets for all individual components often add up to hundreds of documents. Previously, these had to be downloaded in separate steps. Using the new data manager, product data for up to 50 HARTING articles can now be obtained in a single step from the HARTING website as a collected data packet.

Up until now, HARTING has provided design data for its products in STEP and JT formats. In practice, however, significantly more formats are used. Therefore, many customers still had to convert the data into their desired format. With the new MultiCAD download function, native 2D/3D CAD data is now available for download in over 50 different formats. This means that HARTING articles can be processed immediately in the desired data format for design purposes. This MultiCAD function is currently available for over 13,000 items in the company’s online catalogue.

This new functionality can be found in the myHARTING customer portal, which already provides many e-commerce services. “Anyone who is professionally involved with our products and solutions can easily register and use all the services at myHARTING free of charge,” concluded Andreas.


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