Digital rebrand for industrial connector specialist


As part of a company rebrand, industrial connector specialist Electroustic opted to use online crowdsourcing to find a designer who could create the company’s new logo. In addition to a logo redesign, Electroustic has simultaneously launched a new website to improve the user experience for its customers.

The Electroustic team inherited the old logo from previous business owners and after 50 years in use, decided it was time for a redesign. Rather than commissioning a designer to create a new logo, Electroustic decided to crowd source one instead. By hosting an online competition for graphic designers, Electroustic sourced a number of options for logos. Designers were given a short brief on the company and a desired colour scheme, and asked to create a new logo with a completely new outlook on the brand. The Electroustic team opted for a modern button design while sticking to the traditional Electroustic colour scheme.

In addition to a brand new logo, the Electroustic website has been redesigned to become more functional. Over the past few years, Electroustic has been growing rapidly and, as a result, the old website was no longer capable of supporting the increasing number of products the company now offers. As a result, an entire new website has been created, designed and launched.

“We have expanded the amount of products on our website to a point where we needed to create a brand new, more capable platform to hold them all,” explained Amy Wells, marketing manager of Electroustic. “Although the increase in products is great for business, with more products often comes more confusion for customers.

“To avoid this confusion, we’ve introduced improved product filters and search settings to our website. This should help customers find what they are looking for, even if they have very little technical knowledge about the product.”

Other new features for the website include: interactive images, featured products and an improved menu, as well as more prominent positioning for the Electroustic news platform.


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