DigiKey Now Supports Europe to Europe Direct Shipping


New offering saves time, lowers shipping costs and decreases carbon footprint.

DigiKey, a leading global commerce distributor offering the largest selection of technical components and automation products in stock for immediate shipment, announced that direct shipments from European suppliers to European customers are available through DigiKey’s Marketplace program.

European businesses in DigiKey’s Marketplace now have the capability to expand their outreach into other European countries.

“DigiKey’s Marketplace gives our suppliers and customers in Europe access to more product lines than ever before and we are thrilled to offer this direct shipping option in the region,” said Missy Hall, vice president, new market development for DigiKey. “By allowing for additional cost savings, efficiency and more sustainability, as well as a wider variety of products that are able to be sold in Europe, we can accelerate progress for engineers and designers.”

The environmental and cost savings are realized when products do not have to be shipped to the U.S. facilities in order to be shipped back to Europe, eliminating costly shipping prices, additional time and impact on the environment due to shipping. Shipments sent within Europe will typically arrive the next day rather than the previous speed of a couple of days.

With products not needing to be shipped outside of Europe, more types of products are able to be sold including lithium batteries, heavy automation equipment, chemicals and adhesives, solar products and more.

Currently about 30,000 SKUs are eligible for this program, with more being added daily. DigiKey still handles the entire transaction, meaning customers still get to enjoy the world class customer service as DigiKey stands behind every order.

The company also continues to expand the diversity of its products and suppliers in new product categories in DigiKey Marketplace, a single source for all aspects of technology innovation, including bare PCB boards, industrial automation, test and measurement, IoT solutions and virtually all things related and adjacent to technology innovation, all through a singular shopping experience.

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DigiKey, headquartered in Thief River Falls, Minn., USA, is recognized as the global leader and continuous innovator in the cutting-edge commerce distribution of electronic components and automation products worldwide. We get technical by providing more than 17.2 million components from over 2,800 quality name-brand manufacturers with an industry-leading breadth and depth of product in stock and available for immediate shipment. DigiKey also supports engineers, designers, builders and procurement professionals with a wealth of digital solutions, frictionless interactions and tools to make their jobs more efficient. Additional information can be found at digikey.com and on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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