Dew point monitoring: Too expensive?


Compressed air dryers whether refrigerant or desiccant type, normally include a dew point sensor to monitor the delivered air quality as part of the unit control system. For many plants there is no further dew point measurement downstream or at point of use because the cost of installing dew point sensors and integrating them with the control room can be significant. This runs the risk of water sensitive processes or vulnerable systems failing early if the compressed air distribution is compromised due to contamination or leakage.

The S 305 from SUTO-iTEC GmbH and Measure Monitor Control, which starts at £570.00, addresses these issues by providing a self-contained dew point monitor with display that wall mounts to provide operators with a clear indication of the measured dew point. There are two ranges available, -20 to +50°C suitable for refrigerant dryers and -50 to +20°C.

For ease of installation, the S 305 has a 6mm push-fit connector for the compressed air inlet and the unit has options for 24Vdc or 100 to 240Vac supply voltages. There are two programmable alarm levels and relay outputs plus a 4 to 20mA output for connection to remote indicators or SCADA control systems. An additional 4 to20mA input is provided for an external pressure sensor if required. External sounders/beacons are available for the relay outputs and either can be mounted directly to the unit or separately wall mounted.


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