Delta to Demonstrate its Smart Energy Solutions at Solar Solutions International 2024


Delta, a global leader in power management and provider of IoT-based smart green solutions, announced its participation at the Solar Solutions International 2024 Exhibition to present its integrated energy solutions, encompassing advanced photovoltaic (PV) inverters, state-of-the-art energy storage systems, and cutting edge electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. These include the M225HV PV Inverter, the versatile SKIDbased Energy Storage System (ESS), the ultra-thin 50kW DC Wallbox 50 EV Charger, and the innovative DeltaGrid® EVM EV infrastructure management platform.

Andreas Hoischen, Senior Director of Photovoltaic Inverters Business Unit, Delta EMEA, comments, “At Solar Solutions International, we are showcasing more than just products; it’s a manifestation of our vision for a sustainable future. Integrating PV inverters with energy storage systems is a pivotal move towards enhancing energy efficiency and autonomy. This synergy not only bolsters grid stability but significantly elevates renewable energy consumption, addressing the urgent needs of the Dutch market for reliable and efficient energy solutions.”

Vincent Lin, Vice President of eMobility & Smart Energy Solution, Delta EMEA, adds, ” The burgeoning EV market demands innovative charging infrastructures that cater to immediate and future energy challenges. Balancing the grid and integrating renewables are immediate needs we are seeing in the Dutch market. Our showcase emphasizes this pressing need by merging EV charging solutions with energy storage, presenting a proactive approach to the market’s call for sustainable, efficient energy solutions tailored to an electrified future.”

Delta will be demonstrating a series of smart energy solutions, highlights including:

New M225HV PV Inverter for Photovoltaic Parks

The M225HV sets new standards in the solar industry, engineered for photovoltaic parks with complex outlines. This advanced inverter delivers unparalleled efficiency, boasting a peak performance of 99% and a maximum active/apparent power of 225 kW/kVA. Its wide input voltage range of 500 to 1500V, along with 8 Maximum Power Point (MPP) trackers, offers unprecedented flexibility in PV system design, supporting voltages up to 1500 Vdc & 800 Vac. Delta’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of renewable energy technology is underscored by its incorporation of enhanced protection features, such as the integrated Auto DC Disconnected Switch and the enhanced yield potential through the utilization of MPP Large Power Design and Global MPP Scanning. The latest version of this inverter model offers communication capabilities via Bluetooth®, RS485 as well as the innovative Power Line Communication (PLC) module.

SKID-based Plug-and-Play Energy Storage System (ESS) for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Addressing the critical needs of the commercial and industrial sectors, Delta’s SKID-based ESS emerges as 1/3 a game-changer. This solution not only aids businesses in achieving their carbon reduction goals but also in optimizing power delivery. It paves the way for substantial electricity bill savings and increased EV charging capacity or revenue through peak shaving and load shifting, alongside self-consumption optimization with solar power. The skid-mounted design ensures ease of installation, featuring a factory-preconfigured power conditioning system, batteries, internal cabling, switchgear, and control and communication systems, ready for integration with the optional DeltaGrid® energy management system.

Comprehensive Suite of EV Charging Solutions

Delta offers a comprehensive suite of EV charging solutions, encompassing AC chargers, DC chargers, and ultra-fast charging options, designed for a multitude of settings—from residential and commercial to fleet and public charging. The standout at this exhibition is the DC Wallbox 50kW. With its sleek, high-efficiency design, this charger is not just compact but mighty, delivering up to 50kW of direct current via two charging ports. It facilitates simultaneous charging, allowing electric vehicles to acquire over 200 km of range in merely an hour. Boasting an exceptional charging efficiency of 97% and a streamlined profile, the DC Wallbox 50kW emerges as the quintessential solution for versatile installation locations, including roadside parking, conventional parking lots, department stores, and commercial as well as office buildings, alongside EV fleet charging stations.

DeltaGrid® EVM EV Charging Management System

At the cutting edge of EV charging management, DeltaGrid® EVM integrates artificial intelligence to enhance power stability and operational efficiency across EV charging sites globally. This innovative platform seamlessly incorporates solar energy and energy storage, addressing the challenges of electrical safety, billing, and day-to-day management in the rapid expansion of EV charging infrastructure. With an AIpowered scheduling system, DeltaGrid® EVM enables existing buildings to offer charging services without extensive modifications, marking it as a leading industry solution for combining EV charging with renewable energy sources into a cohesive platform.

Delta invites visitors to booth G15 from 19-21 March at Expo Greater Amsterdam in the Netherlands to discover these cutting-edge smart energy solutions, and join the journey towards a greener future. For more information, please visit


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