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About DC White Consulting Engineers

We are an ISO9001 certified company, led by Dr Doug White, founder and principal engineer, who, following a PhD at Cambridge, has over 40 years’ experience in applied mechanical engineering analysis and troubleshooting.

Doug is supported by a strong team of highly qualified engineers combining a disciplined, analytical, common sense approach. It is all about offering you practical, cost-effective solutions.

DC White’s experience spans many industries and scenarios including Chemical Plant, Food Processing and Pharma, Aerospace and Defence, Materials Handling including Cranes, Nuclear and Renewable Power, Marine, Civil Engineering and Agriculture. This means we bring a wealth of in-depth expertise to each new project, with a full understanding of the very real commercial pressures of tight timescales and costs.

DC White Consulting Engineers has extensive experience in industrial environments, reducing maintenance costs and equipment fsdowntime by detecting equipment faults. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are at the forefront of DC White’s services.

From analysing rotating systems, piping, conveyors, building structures, marine pumps, rail axles and cranes to expert witness and bespoke design, read our case studies on our website – search “dc white case studies”.

Our other services:

• Thermal studies – we have a clear and deep understanding of thermal engineering theory, gathered over collective decades of experience in thermal design using an extensive range of analytical software and thermal instrumentation.

• Seismic analysis – design and modification of plant for seismic resistance. Investigation into the effects of structural vibration in industrial buildings. Assessment to design code. Inspection of earthquake damaged plant. Seismic coefficient, response spectrum or time-marched computer analysis.

• Impact analysis – using an FEA approach to impact behaviour is sometimes necessary in augmenting physical testing or, in some cases, replaces it altogether. From product design to defence, automation and nuclear plants, DC White can help.

• Stress analysis -we have many years’ experience solving stress-related issues for Clients across many industries including chemical, nuclear and process plant, aeronautical, marine and renewable energy.

• Fatigue analysis – fatigue and fracture analysis are vital tools in understanding the difference between good design and catastrophic failure. Let us ease your fatigue.

• Design substantiation –vital in the early stages of product planning, to ensure costly mistakes aren’t incurred at the full testing or build stages. We don’t just follow design codes; we know how things can fail. We constructively criticise.

• Design optimisation – we can analyse your product to ensure that it is fully functional and cost-effective.

• Failure analysis – peace of mind through world-class forensic analysis. We have particular expertise in tribology consulting services and failure of gearboxes, valves, seals and bearings.

• Expert witness – using our combined 100 years or so of experience, we have acted as expert witness in a wide variety of cases. In most, our clearly presented, unequivocal evidence has been enough to save the client the expense of going to court.
Our vibration services

Condition monitoring – our SafePlantTM condition monitoring service provides mechanical engineering investigation and analysis of process plant, aimed at reducing plant failures, improving safety and reducing maintenance costs. Our overall aim is to keep your plant running safely and efficiently.

Vibration monitoring – we use many different techniques for measuring vibration in many different environments. We have produced bespoke vibration sensors for our Clients and have now sourced a new range of unique wireless and wired vibration monitors which we offer as part of a consultancy package, also for sale or hire.

Vibration accelerometers and recorders – for 2017 we are delighted to bring the range of Micromega vibration monitoring products to the UK market as exclusive distributors. These are wired and wireless measuring devices ideal for condition monitoring and maintaining asset integrity. Also available are devices for measuring human exposure to vibration.

Miniature wireless vibration recorders
The Recovib Tiny is a range of miniature, wireless vibration monitoring products:
– Unique wire-free data analysis
– “Quick and easy” vibration monitoring & diagnosis
– Remote vibration diagnostic and consultancy
– Vibration measurement on rotating parts.

Wired industrial accelerometers
Micromega Dynamics’ industrial accelerometers exhibit several benefits over more classical accelerometers for use in industrial environments:

– Bridge the gap between the performance of laboratory accelerometers (often expensive, fragile and low on protection) & the robustness of industrial versions (often noisy and inaccurate).
– Can be deployed in industrial environments for monitoring machinery or structures.
– Widely used in a variety of fields, such as the machine tools, precision machining and on-shore and off-shore wind energy sectors for monitoring or active vibration control.


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