dataFEED OPC Suite: a complete OPC and OPC UA communication solution in a single software product.


The dataFEED OPC Suite offers a full package of components for OPC communication and cloud connectivity within a single product. It not only enables access to the controllers of all the leading manufacturers, but also enables DCOM to be implemented with just a few clicks, therefore improving communication between the PLCs, OPC Servers and OPC Clients. The MQTT Connector enables the sharing of data to IoT clouds.

It also supports access to data blocks in Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 controllers. dataFEED OPC Suite is one of the first products available on the market offering this functionality. It allows users to include this data even in applications outside the PLC.

This new dataFEED OPC Suite version also reads symbol information directly from the Siemens controller. It overcomes the time-consuming need to import the symbols first or to configure the data items manually as it had been necessary until now. OPC Client applications receive the retrieved symbolic information via the integrated OPC Server. As a result, these applications can now use symbolic names for accessing data items in all data blocks.

Andreas Röck, dataFEED Product Manager at Softing Industrial explains, “With the new version of the dataFEED OPC Suite, users now have an easy-to-use, integrated solution for high-performance access to the complete family of Siemens S7 controllers. This makes data integration simple and reliable for a wide range of applications – even in complex systems.”

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