Data security concerns are holding back the MRO industry’s digital potential


Data security concerns are stopping the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry from achieving digital transformation, according to workflow automation specialist Intoware Ltd.

In its latest industry e-book, the company reveals data security is the biggest concern it encounters when speaking with MRO firms that are considering digital transformation – but says it should not be a barrier to progress.

Keith Tilley, chief executive at Intoware Ltd, said: “Data security is always the first concern raised when we’re out and about speaking to companies that are considering digitalisation within the MRO industry.

“This is understandable, especially as some MRO firms have processes in place relating to either military or sensitive information. These businesses need to know that the data being captured and recorded is safe and secure, but because of this, many organisations are sticking with outdated paper-based systems that often cost both time and money.

“These concerns really shouldn’t be a barrier for change. There are many ways to ensure data security, allowing the MRO sector to reach its full digital potential without compromise.

“For example, platforms as our digital workflow software, WorkfloPlus, can be hosted within a customer’s private cloud environment – be it Microsoft Azure, AWS, or any other on request. We can also host systems ourselves on our own shared cloud environment.

“Additionally, it’s important to work with a provider who is ISO27001 certified – an international standard to manage information security – as well as a company that adheres to standards set by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) , meaning software has been built securely and follows best practices from a security standpoint.”

Titled ‘Digitalisation: The Future of MRO’, Intoware’s latest industry e-book looks at the impact digitalisation can have on the MRO sector, and how digital systems and processes can be applied across areas such as preventative, condition-based and corrective maintenance, talent retention and employee training and development programmes.

Keith added: “MRO is such a process-reliant sector, with high levels of scrutiny placed on every task and heavy compliance requirements and transparency needed at every level.

“Digitalisation enables this to happen quickly and easily, especially when digital processes are put in place with the collaboration of a businesses’ workforce.

“Employees know their systems and processes inside out, so their input is vital in shaping digital transformation for the business and, crucially, getting their buy-in when rolling out new technologies to support their day-to-day workflows.

“And, when it’s done right, digitalisation can completely transform MRO-reliant industries such as aerospace, rail and HVAC by not only increasing efficiency, but also providing businesses with a wealth of data at the touch of a button to inform preventative and predictive maintenance to be carried out before problems occur.”

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