Customized torque sensors for robotics applications


Inelta Sensorsysteme offers a wide range of services, including the development and production of torque sensors with different calibrated nominal torques. With its development expertise and vertical range of manufacture, the sensor expert has specialized in the economical, quality-tested implementation of customer-specific solutions, even for small and medium batch sizes.

On behalf of various well-known robotics manufacturers, Inelta manufactures compact static torque sensors according to customer specifications for precise torque measurement using strain gauges. The measuring sensors can be designed redundantly with two-channel, galvanically isolated signal transmission. Integrated interfaces allow the current torque to be queried directly. A resistor can be connected via an additional diagnostic channel using an optocoupler for targeted detuning of the bridge. The measuring sensitivity, relative deviations and reversal span result from the calibration requested by the customer. Static torque sensors are used to detect torques on measuring objects that are not moved when force is applied. This simplifies installation, as the sensor can be mechanically connected directly to the measurement object.


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