Customer-driven cleanroom innovation


In looking to increase their manufacturing capability offering with cleanroom production, Tex Plastics’ Technical & Quality Director Andy Clarke, and Manufacturing Director Dave Kearney, found both with Lancaster-based cleanroom solutions provider, Connect 2 Cleanrooms.


Tex Plastics’ mission to develop higher performing, lower cost solutions for its clients is now complemented with a class 7/8 clean room system that includes automated clean-air HEPA-lite™ canopies, controllable by a user-friendly touch screen interface.


Managing tool changes has always been a bone of contention for plastic manufacturers looking to introduce clean production. Many manufacturing and production staff have been working around or compromising on this issue for years, but Connect 2 Cleanrooms R&D team has now developed within its HEPA-lite™ range an automated canopy system within its cleanrooms.


Through an intuitive user-friendly touch screen interface, Tex Plastics is able to remotely activate actuators that slide sealed HEPA-lite™ canopies back to allow overhead crane access to tooling.


This customer-driven requirement ensures that clean air is supplied at the critical point of production and reduces contamination by significantly limiting the areas of machinery that are exposed to the external environment during tooling changes. This limits downtime for cleaning, reduces risk of contamination and increases productivity.


The canopy is a bespoke unit, containing a MAC10XL HEPA filter, and is fully sealed to facilitate the re-circulation of the cleanroom’s air conditioning. Connect 2 Cleanrooms is also able to build in ULPA filtration for those users looking for higher cleanroom classifications.


The touch screen interface also acts as a control system, allowing full control of HEPA filtration and lighting levels, as well as monitoring pressure levels and alerting staff if the cleanroom is operating out of specification.


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