Crystal Display Systems Ltd Announces Strategic Partnership with Shenzhen Startek Electronic Technology Co, Ltd to offer the Widest Range of Small Format LCDs Worldwide


Crystal Display Systems Ltd (CDS), a leading provider of display solutions, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Shenzhen Startek Electronic Technology Co, Ltd, a renowned innovator in display technology. This collaboration will see CDS offering the complete Startek display range, encompassing all the industry standard sizes and formats plus an extensive array of Bar Type Panels, Round TFT Panels, Square TFT Panels, Transflective TFT Panels, and Wide Temperature TFT Panels.

“Having been in the display industry for 30+ years and having worked with some of the world’s main display innovators I was astounded by the vast array of different sizes and formats available from Startek. I have never seen a product range so extensive, if you cannot find it in the Startek list it is simply not being made by anyone”, Paul Tagg, Sales Manager – Small Format Displays, CDS.

Industry Standard Sizes and Formats

Technology does not standstill and this is the same for the display industry, our display designers are on the forefront of technology and trends, they are constantly looking to solve problems with existing display sizes and to push the boundaries in design. This has seen an explosion in the availability of bar, square and round TFT display options, however we have not neglected the industry standard sizes that still account for the bulk of worldwide display business. Our extensive line up of industry standard sizes and formats enables us to meet the technical and budgetary demands of today’s OEM applications. We can provide many different options within a single display size, from different brightnesses, pin assignment, resolution, and interface driver IC to the outline dimensions. We can provide competitively priced, compatible models to many of our competitors parts, handy when lead-times are long, and pressure is on for a reduction in costs.

Bar Type Displays: A New Dimension of Versatility

CDS’s comprehensive range of “Bar Type” or “Stretch” displays opens up opportunities for OEM product designers to find colourful, high-resolution displays even for the most challenging spaces. These versatile bar displays boast high resolution along the horizontal or vertical axis, enabling intricate graphical user interfaces. Featuring IPS wide view technology, these displays provide 80°/80°/80°/80° viewing angles and can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations without compromising image quality.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications in industrial, military, and automotive / aerospace markets, the Bar Type displays also offer high contrast ratios, a full 16.7M colour palette, high brightness, and long-life LED backlights. The displays can be equipped with an optically bonded industrial multi-point projected capacitive touch solution.

Round TFT Displays: Aesthetically Pleasing and Modern

CDS introduces round TFT displays, eliminating the need for circular-shaped bezels over rectangular displays. These displays create a modern and aesthetically pleasing look, drawing viewers’ attention with their exciting design. With wide viewing angles, good levels of brightness, and high resolutions, round displays are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Currently a standard product in CDS’s display portfolio, round displays find applications in industrial instrumentation, household appliances, marine, and auto/aero instrumentation. CDS is continuously developing more models and sizes to meet the growing demand for this innovative display format.

Square TFT Displays: On-Trend Modernity and Versatility

Square displays are the latest on-trend format, offering an exciting and modern appearance. With high-resolution IPS technology, wide viewing angles, and high brightness LED backlights, these displays are versatile for both indoor and outdoor applications, including full sunlight viewing.

A standard product in CDS’s display portfolio, square displays are backed by long product life guarantees. Suitable for industrial instrumentation, household appliances, marine, and auto/aero instrumentation, these displays showcase versatility across different market sectors and varied product requirements.

Transflective TFTs: Readability in All Light Conditions

CDS addresses outdoor display challenges with transflective TFT solutions. Unlike traditional transmissive TFT displays, transflective displays offer readability in all light conditions without increasing power consumption or bulkiness. The displays excel in battery-powered hand-held applications and environments where direct sunlight is a factor.

Transflective displays use a “Transflector” lens behind the rear polarizer, utilizing ambient light as effectively as an LED backlight. With applications in industrial, marine, and auto/aero settings, these displays offer a balance between power efficiency and outdoor visibility.

Wide Temp TFTs: Reliable Performance in Extreme Conditions

Designed to operate efficiently in extreme temperature conditions, wide temperature TFT displays by CDS maintain picture quality in very low or high temperatures. These displays are engineered to withstand fluctuations without compromising on image quality, colour, and response time.

With an operating temperature range of -30°C to +85°C, these displays find applications in harsh environments within industrial, marine, auto/aero, and military sectors, providing reliable and consistent performance under challenging conditions.

This strategic partnership with Shenzhen Startek Electronic Technology Co, Ltd allows CDS to offer an even more extensive small format LCD display range, meeting the diverse needs of industries and applications. Together, CDS and Startek aim to deliver cutting-edge display solutions that redefine possibilities in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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