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MiniTec are manufacturers of modular aluminium profile systems and was first set up in 1986 in Bensheim in the south west of Germany. In 2005 Gary Livingstone founded MiniTec UK in Basingstoke, originally in a 450sqm facility before moving into a 1500 sqm facility in 2010 which offers a full design capability, sales support and manufacturing/assembly facility backed up by extensive stocks of profiles and accessories.

MiniTec aluminium profiling systems have proved themselves over the years in a wide range of industrial applications.

From conveyor systems to ergonomically designed workstations MiniTec design and manufacture customised solutions for a wide range of applications for general industry, lifestyle and leisure applications.

Conveyor solutions

MiniTec conveyor systems deliver a flexible and cost effective solution to conveyor handling for production lines.

Manual stations and complex automated processes can be achieved cost-effectively with MiniTec’s conveyor systems consisting of standardised modules that can be combined in any number of ways to create tailor-made conveyor handling systems to suit the specific application.

Simple and fast assembly

At the heart of the MiniTec system is the unique Powerlock ® fastening method which requires no specific preparation, pre-machining or special tools and uses standard off the shelf fasteners. The use of standard M8 fasteners reduces the cost of the overall package of profiles and locking system considerably compared with many other systems which incorporate brand specific locking systems. Thus the only tool required to set up or dismantle a system is an Allen Key. The simple and effective assembly process means that it is just as easy to dis-assemble a structure and move/modify it as required without unnecessary cost in terms of time and material.

MiniTec conveyor systems can be supplied as modules for assembly or as ready-to-use handling systems including commissioning by MiniTec.


The Engineering and Design team at MiniTec are happy to provide a full consultation and design service in order to ensure that the right solution is achieved for the job in hand. Online design aides such as iCAD are also available for those who want to configure, lay out and select the right components for the system themselves.

For more information on MiniTec products and services please contact:

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