Conrad Business Supplies introduces anti-seize paste from Henkel with improved packaging design


Photo caption: The new tube from LOCTITE delivers a dependable assembly solution while reducing mess and waste

LOCTITE anti-seize is an assembly paste for extreme environmental conditions with a new tube design that offers accurate and mess-free application

Conrad Business Supplies is to stock an improved LOCTITE anti-seize, assembly paste, from Henkel, that features a new, easy-to-apply tube design. LOCTITE products are ideal for use in extreme environmental conditions and offer a solution for bonding, sealing, cleaning and lubricating tasks. This paste joins Conrad’s extensive selection of products suited to professionals working in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector.

LOCTITE anti-seize products provide protection for components in extreme temperature conditions and corrosion protection for joined metal parts. The new packaging design – the Anti-Seize Brush-Top Tube – is a recent innovation from Henkel. The tube allows for a simplified and cleaner application and helps to reduce waste. For engineers and maintenance professionals who travel frequently, its small and compact packaging allows it to be carried in a pocket or tool belt. The first products to use the new design are LOCTITE LB 8150, for use with aluminium, and LOCTITE LB 8009, for heavy duty anti-seize purposes.

Christian Heldmann, Product Manager, Category Business Supplies commented: “The new tube design from Henkel shows how our suppliers can improve upon even the most basic products to reduce waste and improve the user experience. With Conrad proudly stocking well over 130 different LOCTITE products from Henkel, we are sure our customers will find this new packaging design highly useful when working in the field or the factory floor.”


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