Keeping your rotating equipment level is essential. Polymer Concrete Baseplates outperform steel baseplates in every way. Using PoxyBase CC® and PoxyBase Plus® with Zanite® guarantee you unmatched surface flatness compared to conventional steel designs and common vinyl ester concrete materials. Zanite also provides significant vibration damping, greater thermal stability, more resistance to twisting and diaphragming, and superior corrosion resistance. And, it is easier and less costly to install and requires no maintenance.
Your benefit: equipment that lasts longer and operates more efficiently for a healthier bottom line.
Traditionally, folded or fabricated mild steel or stainless-steel baseplates are the most popular choice, and are very common, but they are not without their problems – corrosion and distortion being two major concerns. Polymer concrete baseplates provide chemical resistance against corrosive liquids and atmospheres, as well as providing an exceptionally flat and mechanically stable baseplate to ensure optimum alignment, exceptional vibration dampening and great thermal stability to ensure your rotating equipment can be aligned to great accuracy.
This scientifically formulated, corrosion-resistant concrete material is designed for casting machine bases and other structural components. It is a blend of pure silicon dioxide ceramic quartz aggregate, high strength epoxy resin and selective additives. Overall, Polymer Concrete Baseplates are considerably less expensive – especially when you factor in the increased reliability and lifetime of your equipment due to their vibration-resistant and corrosion resistant properties.
• Flat mounting surface to 0.002”/foot
• Significantly better vibration damping compared to conventional steel bases
• Reduces grouting and installation problems saving time and money
• ASME/ANSI-1991 dimensionally compliant
• Excellent resistance to twisting
• Corrosion resistant to most chemicals
• Multiple inserts for all motor frames
• Designed to accommodate close-coupled installations
• Available in 16 pre-engineered sizes.
• Ready to accept ANSI/ASME pumps and NEMA Frame Motors.
• Available in 5 sizes to easily accommodate close-coupled pump and motor combinations.
• Include your custom hole pattern


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