Compact mid-range safety controller


SICK has added the Flexi Compact to its portfolio of industry-leading safety controllers, featuring a modular, compact and scalable design that focuses on space-saving, responsive performance and ease of use. 

The SICK Flexi Compact safety controller has been conceived with simplicity in mind while enabling exceptionally-responsive machine operation and real-time diagnostics, suitable for most common machine safety applications. With rapid response cycle times of up to 4ms, the Flexi Compact can ensure space-saving machine designs with the shortest possible safety distances.

“The Flexi Compact has a pleasing, easy-to-handle streamlined feel that helps save space in the control cabinet,” said Dr Martin Kidman, SICK’s UK Machine Safety Product Manager. “The CPU has a 46mm-wide slimline design that takes up much less space than many common controller configurations. It’s also straightforward to achieve neat and efficient wiring with the easy push-in front connectors.”

The Flexi Compact is based on a versatile and expandable concept, with each slim module having a one-click, fit-and-release mechanism for easy handling and exchange. There is a choice of two CPUs, each with a generous bank of 32 I/O’s and one with an additional EtherNet connection. Where required, 16-connector, 14mm-wide XTDI and XTDO I/O cards and up to a further 12 expansion modules can be added to this, ensuring future-proof scalability when the demands on the safety controller increase.

The Flexi Compact’s EtherCAT or PROFINET gateways enable wide integration flexibility to higher-level PLCs and Industry 4.0 applications. Each gateway has a thin-film display window and push-button controls for quick commissioning and easy-to-use, real-time diagnostics. Rapid troubleshooting is also assured thanks to easy HMI integration via the CPU Ethernet port option, which supports both Modbus and SLMP protocols over TCP/IP.

Planning and commissioning a machine safety configuration is fast and efficient with the Flexi Compact using SICK’s free-to-use Safety Designer engineering tool. This provides access to 256 certified function blocks and safety logic documentation via an intuitive drag and drop graphical user interface. An integrated, removable smart plug with a USB port enables rapid data transfer and configuration exchange for efficient setup and commissioning.

A safety-certified high-speed EtherCAT backplane bus enables efficient data communication and rapid response times. As a result, safety distances to the machine can be optimised, and shorter cycle times achieved in highly-dynamic processes.

SICK’s new Flexi Compact is a mid-range safety controller for average to complex safety logic, sitting between the company’s existing Flexi Classic and Flexi Soft safety controllers. The ease of handling, responsiveness and diagnostics combine to ensure high machine availability and productivity for many common industrial machinery applications.



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