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In a strategic move that fortifies its position as a leader in the motors and drives industry, Oriental Motor has recently inked a significant UK distribution deal with Swedish-owned OEM Automatic. 

The partnership between Oriental Motor and OEM Automatic is poised to have far-reaching implications, offering enhanced support to customers, particularly in scenarios where sourcing or replacing AC or Brushless DC (BLDC) motors has proven challenging, especially since Panasonics’ withdrawal of its AC and BLDC product from the market.



OEM Automatic, a distinguished specialist supplier, stands to benefit immensely from the expansion of its product portfolio with the addition of Oriental Motor’s comprehensive range. The move is especially crucial in scenarios where AC or BLDC motors have been discontinued, providing customers with viable alternatives and ensuring seamless operations without disruption.

“What is really exciting for us is that we’re seeing lead times halved from what is an average of eight to 12 weeks; that is a massive shift that can only be good for the market,” said Nik Page, the Motors Business Area Manager at OEM Automatic. “Customers can get products quicker than they’ve ever been able to.”

Oriental Motor’s extensive product line spans an array of cutting-edge technologies, ranging from the intelligent stepper and servo motor range (AZ series) to open-loop stepper motors with drivers (PKP and CVK Series). The inclusion of AC input BLDCs (BLE2 series and BMU Series), DC input BLDCs (BLH and BLV-R series), induction motors, reversible motors, IP67-rated motors, and various actuators further solidifies Oriental Motor’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions for a diverse range of applications.

Mike Larsen, the UK Divisional Manager at Oriental Motor, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the strategic significance of partnering with OEM Automatic, a major player in the distribution landscape. He identified that this venture would not only provide OEM Automatic’s customers with access to a broader range of high-quality products but also serve as an opportunity to introduce Oriental Motor to a new audience of engineers.

Nik Page echoed Larsen’s sentiments, emphasising the expansive nature of this collaboration. He sees this partnership as a pivotal move that expands their current offerings and positions OEM Automatic firmly within the domain of control and automation. Nick believes that this partnership with Oriental Motor’s products and systems aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of his company’s customers, both present and future.

Adam Porter, Product Group Manager at OEM Automatic, went on to say: “Thanks to the large product offer Oriental Motors brings, we are able to develop and evolve with our customers, providing solutions today and into the future”.

This exciting new distribution deal between Oriental Motor and OEM Automatic is a strategic alliance that holds promise for the industry. With Oriental Motor’s cutting-edge technologies and OEM Automatic’s established position as a specialist supplier, this collaboration is poised to usher in a new era of innovation and support for customers in the dynamic field of motors and drives.

Oriental Motor, Japan’s oldest motor manufacturer, has been in business for around 130 years and boasts a rich legacy of over 70,000 products specialising in various motor technologies. Since its entry into the European market in 1982, the company has played a vital role in the region’s motor manufacturing industry. In the UK specifically, Oriental Motor has been a trusted source of high-quality Japanese motors since 1996.


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