Comau partners with Heidelberg University


To strengthen the use of wearable robotics to facilitate human-machine collaboration, advanced industrial automation specialist, Comau, and IUVO, a spin-off company of The BioRobotics Institute, have partnered with Heidelberg University one of Europe’s leading research institutions. The joint project aims to quantify the degree to which Comau’s MATE-XT exoskeleton can reduce physical stress during strenuous tasks involving repetitive shoulder flexion movements within the German industrial context. The scientific study will analyse the biomechanics of using MATE-XT for new applications, under new conditions and within new industries and outdoor environments while verifying users’ learning and motor adaptation speeds. The results achieved can then be applied in similar conditions within other contexts all over the world.

The vast wealth of experience and scientific evidence collected by Comau and IUVO is the starting point of the new study. Heidelberg University will now research biomechanical and productivity results, among other factors, with the ultimate goal of collecting more data regarding MATE-XT’s effectiveness for novel and highly demanding applications.


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