Cobble Van De Wiele chooses In2grate’s Jobscope for leaner manufacturing


Cobble Van De Wiele, the supplier of bespoke tufting machines for carpet manufacturers, has chosen to implement In2grate’s Jobscope v.17 ERP software to make its planned new manufacturing facility leaner and to help grow its capital machinery and after sales business.

Jobscope is very intuitive to use, will provide shop floor data capture and will allow exact job costing including tracking labour costs more accurately. Standard operating procedures can also be written within the software so that it’s easier for employees to take on other roles in the company more simply.

“To achieve our goals, we must keep tighter controls on the supply chain, being able to job cost much more effectively, which in turn positively effects manufacturing and our bottom line,” explains Jason Kent, managing director, Cobble Van De Wiele.

“As part of a bigger group of companies, there’s greater internal vertical integration and so we need more visibility in rationalising parts across the whole group before sourcing and buying products externally.

“For this reason it’s no longer just our production team that requires access to supply chain information, but our group procurement department too, and all of that information can now be found in Jobscope.”

The company must also be more competitive in terms of meeting delivery dates for individual customer requirements, reducing its lead times to an eight-week window if possible. This increased efficiency will then allow for increased production capacity. The company currently produces around 22 machines per annum, but would like to increase production to 30 machines.

Going forward, the company would also like to be able to grow its potentially lucrative machine consumables business and further integrate its after sales into the system. The machines are totally bespoke and therefore the company keeps records of the customer’s specific designs and engineering specifications to be able to support and supply spares.

“We’d like to be able to supply our machine consumable products like knives, loopers and hooks more widely to the market place for tufting machines – it’s excellent repeat business for us,” said Jason Kent.

“As customers demand parts, these can be expedited much faster and more efficiently and can be tracked through the software from order to shipment with a full audit trail. We will be able to expedite parts faster and more efficiently than ever before allowing us to grow the business.”

The company will begin expansion in the autumn of 2015.


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