Cleanstage Wins in the War Against Coronavirus


A subsidiary of the mk Group has won an award at the ThEx Awards in Germany for innovative solutions during the Corona virus pandemic.  Cleanstage is a flexible container entry pod for automated access control of visitor and staff traffic at stadiums, halls and government buildings, offices and such like.

Compliance with hygiene requirements is crucial in containing the Coronavirus pandemic wherever large numbers of people congregate. The Cleanstage is a collaboration between mkf (part of the mk Technology Group) along with two other German based companies, BXMS and Hygienemarkt24.

Keeping your distance, maintaining good hygiene and wearing a mask are the most effective tools in combating the spread of coronavirus.  Where these events have been allowed to take place during 2020, it has often required additional personnel to ensure compliance with the rules.  For event organisers this mean increased staffing costs and expenses at a time when they are already struggling financially, combined with fewer visitors.  The Cleanstage offers an innovative solution to this problem.

The turnstile only opens for people who have disinfected their hands properly. If necessary, the turnstile can also be used to take temperatures or simultaneously count and control the number of people in a building or on a site. The process is automated by a variety of different sensors,” explains Christian Voigt, Managing Director at mkf GmbH. “The Cleanstage is aimed at organisers of sporting, congress, trade show and cultural events and at operators of facilities with large amounts of public traffic. We make it possible for these operators to resume their business under the current conditions”.

The entry pod is installed in a transportable, lockable sea container. Its sturdy outer walls ensure that it is weatherproof and protected from vandalism. This means you can also leave the entry pod unattended during an event.

The modular internal design means the entry pod can also be adapted to the most diverse requirements. Measuring technology such as people counters, body temperature monitors, metal detectors or alcohol tests can be integrated as easily as ticket readers, wash basins, turnstiles and much more.

The personnel costs remain under control in any event; thanks to the expertise of mkf, the entry pod is almost fully automatic. The disinfectant tanks are stored separately to ensure that the flow of visitors remains uninterrupted while they are refilled. All in all, a visitor flow of around 10 people per minute can be granted admission to an event location or office building through the Cleanstage. To find out more about how this solution can be purchased or leased, please contact mk Profile Systems, the UK representatives for the mk Group, on (01949) 823751) or email



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