Chell Instruments’ most accurate pressure scanner gets EtherCAT connectivity with launch of microCAT3-64


Having previously launched the most accurate pressure scanner currently on the market, world-leaders in gas measurement and control solutions Chell Instruments have once again added to its features.

The new microCAT3-64 now showcases the same class-topping specifications as the microDAQ3-64, launched in 2022, but also adds full EtherCAT connectivity.

“The key to technology is useability. Responding to customer demand, we’ve added a full EtherCAT interface to boost connectivity and make the gathering of data and integration with other systems even easier” says Jamie Shanahan, Director of Chell Instruments.

Based on the microDAQ3-64, the new microCAT3-64 also produces more accurate data than any other pressure scanner, principally by employing the very latest digital sensors and transducers which feature two 24-bit analogue-to-digital converters (ADC) per port.

The ultra-stable output helps the microCAT3 almost entirely compensates for thermal effects over its wide operating range.

The microCAT3-64 also uses the same technology from Chell Instruments’ class-leading microDAQ and nanoDAQ ranges, such as differential and absolute measurements, embedded web server and IEEE 1588 PTP time stamping. 

“Accuracy is our customers’ top priority and the technology we’ve developed within the microCAT3-64 gives us an opportunity to provide the very highest precision with the clearest uncertainties” adds Jamie.

The original launch of the microDAQ3-64 led Chell Instruments to adapt a new ‘metrology’ approach to specifying its unprecedented accuracy.

A function of the scanner’s speed of acquisition and response, Chell publish the traditional error figure (2 x sigma) together with the standard deviation and measurement uncertainty at different measurement responses. 

This takes into account long term drift, thermal effects and any uncertainty used in calibration, to provide the most accurate picture of overall uncertainties. 

However, like its parent the microDAQ3-64, the microCAT3-64 remains one of the smallest digital pressure scanners available on the market.

“Like other products in our range, the environments in which they are uses are increasingly cramped and demanding. Developing our solutions to be as compact as possible increases their flexibility and suitability for a wide range of applications” concludes Jamie.

North Walsham-based Chell Instruments have been providing pressure, vacuum and gas flow measurement equipment for over 40 years. They design, manufacture and calibrate testing apparatus used in areas including Formula One, aircraft design and pharmaceuticals.

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