Calibration and tooling asset management covered


IndySoft has been transforming the way both enterprise manufacturing and commercial calibration labs have managed their systems for over two decades. As perpetual innovators, IndySoft has introduced multiple technologies, which are now staple requests by any organisation seeking a professional asset management solution, and the company continues looking towards the future to add new technologies that will save time and money. Its focus is on calibration, tooling, automation, maintenance, and repair.

IndySoft believes that the purchase of a calibration or tooling asset management system is one of the most important decisions a company can make in relation to the efficient administration of its quality program. IndySoft’s feature-packed yet easy-to-use software is designed to complement and augment users’ processes, not dictate how they run their business. IndySoft personnel take the time to understand the requirements of all potential users, then by harnessing the company’s collective experience, suggest the exact mix of cost-effective products and services to meet long-term efficiency goals.

IndySoft’s global customer base covers the smallest manufacturing facility to the largest international enterprise organisations in a wide range of industry types, including aerospace, automotive, marine, rail, space, pharmaceutical, medical device, defence, test facilities, calibration laboratories, National Standards Bureaus and research and development facilities to name just a few.

A license of IndySoft gives users the ability to manage their assets, track them throughout the business, and assign schedules to them like calibration, preventative maintenance, service and repair, plus much more. In addition, IndySoft has the ability to manage tooling, consumables, unique tools, gigs and fixtures and any asset with an identification number. Barcoding within IndySoft and RFID tracking are both options that can speed up your asset compliance and tracking.


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