Bülte has been your partner for more than 60 years.


Founded by Mr. Norbert Bülte in 1956 in Lüdinghausen (Germany), Bülte has now turned into a worldly-known and industry-leading provider of nylon fasteners, plastomet screws & nuts, and plastic protections parts. With the expertise in plastic and the joining of Mr. Stefan Bülte who had finished studies in industrial design into the family business in 1979, Bülte has also become the most trustable and reliable supplier that can fully satisfy the demand from global clients for plastic and polyamide joining solutions.

From Europe to the Whole World

The ISO 9001 certified Bülte Group comprises BÜLTE GmbH in Germany, BÜLTE S.A.S in France, and the BÜLTE Ltd. in the UK, all of which play their own crucial roles in providing the most suitable plastic solutions to clients from any industry around the world according to their specific needs. Clients of the Bülte Group currently serves are from a wide variety of industries such as electronics, agriculture, furnishings, chemistry, sanitation, aeronautics, rail, luxury goods, military, construction, beverage, and automobile. Its service does not only cover the European market, but also throughout the world.

A Team of Experts with Flexibility 

Bülte is regarded as “a preferred supplier” in the industry, as it can always find out the best solutions to suit clients’ needs, which not only shows its impeccable capabilities but also commitments to every respectful client (no matter if it is a small enterprise, a medium business, or a large corporation). With a team of highly responsive technical advisors and product experts providing personalized advice & support, Bülte can offer a vast array of standard polyamide fasteners and a panel of specific, innovative solutions using other materials. It can also offer products made of ABS, PP, PE, PVDF, POM, PC, PTFE upon request. Its product range covers plugs, handwheels & knobs, washers, screws & bolts, bushings, seals, handles, cable glands, plastimont, spacers, plastomet, nuts, adjustable feet, special parts, and miscellaneous parts.

Compliance with RoHS and REACH Directives

In addition to clients’ satisfaction, the continuous compliance with relevant standards and regulations is also the priority for Bülte. It has integrated all of the requirements from the REACH and RoHS directives into its purchasing and manufacturing processes, showing its promise to assure clients of high quality and standards-compliant products.

More than 60 Years of Strengths   

Reliability, quality, and service are 3 major components that form Bülte’s strengths. It is always ready to help clients perfectly finish their projects from inception to completion, ensure the highest quality of their products, and offer the most competitive service. When you have the demand, Bülte will be on hand and by your side at all times!


BÜLTE GmbH – Kunststofferzeugnisse
Carl-Sonnenschein-Strasse 22
Postfach 1142

Tel. : + 49 (0)259 191 940
Fax : + 49 (0)259 159 77
E-Mail : info@bulte.de



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