BSRIA Instrument Solutions expands its product portfolio


BSRIA Instrument Solutions has recently added the new TSI PortaCount respirator fit tester to its hire and sales portfolio, providing users with the ability to easily undertake the testing of full & half face masks, SCBA’s, and disposables. Designed to be run from a tablet or PC these fit testers provide a consistent and objective testing experience across all respirator types.

Practical features in abundance

The new PortaCount models are packed full of practical features such as direct connection to your PC or tablet using WiFi, and an easy to use software package with a FitCheck mode that helps users achieve a better fit for respirator wearers more quickly and a video animations guide that assists staff through the proper movements for each test exercise.

Want the new TSI PortaCount, but not the purchase costs involved?

If you are a low or infrequent user of instruments you may choose to hire as opposed to buy.  This benefits the user from having access to the latest up-to-date equipment, yet keeping expenditure to a minimum compared to outright purchase with no ongoing maintenance or calibration costs.  From Instrument Solutions you can receive the support and guidance from our expert team whenever your require, with an established reputation in the instrumentation market that places BSRIA as the ideal partner for all your equipment needs.

For more information on the TSI PortaCount respirator fit tester including hire options, call the expert team on 01344 459314 or e-mail



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