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Broadband Technology 2000 Ltd ( has a synergistic range of electronic components, modules and antennas which are used in a hugely diverse range of applications. These applications can vary from miniature die, used in medical surgery, to major security systems. Created in 1995 in Berkshire, BT2000 are ideally located to service both the logistical and technical needs of our international customer base. BT2000 specialize in four key areas; Sensors, Power, Wireless & M2M and Semiconductors.

Wireless & M2M and Semiconductors

The PCTEL antenna (27MHz to 6GHz frequency) range offers High Performance GNSS, 4G, MIMO, Tetra, Public Safety,Defence, Military, SATCOM, Industrial Wireless, Broadband Wireless and SCADA with standard warranty of 2years +. The PCTEL range includes VHF, UHF, High Rejection GNSS + timing, Wifi, 4G LTE frequencies in WIP, MIMO, Yagi, Panel, Puk, Combination + Embedded variants.

Maestro Wireless supply miniature low power GPS/Glonass/Galileo/Beidou modules with fast time to first fix whilst the Falcom trackers offer low cost solutions.

Adactus supply a range of RF Connectors and cables. They also specialise in ISM & LTE band products which can be used in Marine and Underground applications.

Our PLC range includes offerings from low baud, long distance Gridcomm to HD Megachips. The Megachips range includes the Display Port (acquired from ST Micro) ICs.

MSI supply a range of LP, MP, BP Notch, digital filters up to 1GHz and can be used in various applications such as sound to light, satellite and test equipment.



The InvenSense MEMs motion ICs and miniature microphones are world leaders in “Sensing Everything”. Integrating MotionFusion algorithms, their products are used in applications as diverse as remote controls to UAVs & wearables.

Memsic is unique in their method of sensing acceleration and gas flow. Their thermal MEMS accelerometer is based on the principle of convection of heated gas molecules within a sealed cavity. Highly accurate temperature sensors detect the change in temperature profile resulting from very small changes in acceleration (or inclination), making them virtually immune to out-of-band vibration and shock.

Sensdev supply pressure sensors in Differential, Gage, Relative, Vacuum and Absolute pressure types. Typical applications are automotive, medical respirators, breathalysers, automation systems and test equipments.

Our SignalQuest range covers the nano-power miniature mechanical, vibration, tilt, shock & acceleration switch sensors, used in security and tracking , whilst the rugged GIX Gravity Gyro Inclinometers are ideal for diggers and freight loading applications.



Vinatech offers the small package Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) and Hybrid Capacitor (P-EDLC) HY-CAP brand of Super Capacitors. The HY-CAP series offers high capacitance ranges from 500mF to 500 Farad in EDLC and the Hybrid P-EDLC technology doubles the capacitance density to 3000F.

Our low ESR supercapacitor range offer customers, the ability to extend the life of the battery by minimising switching stress and extending the temperature range of the battery.

The miniature UTC Ultracapacitor technology utilises metal oxide deposited on titanium substrate and sealed with a polymer between electrodes. This allows one of the lowest profiles in the market to date from 0.18mm thick, a wide voltage range of 2V to 16V, 2mF to 120mF, -40C +75C and a full discharge cycle of 10 million+.

Cymbet solid state batteries utilise semiconductor fabrication processes to produce a unique rechargeable energy storage device with no liquids, gels, or harmful chemicals. The Cymbet miniature rechargeable solid state battery and RTC combo IC offers battery backup for up to 6 days.

Our PalPilot range includes PALConn Interconnect Connectors, Cable and Wire harness products & PALNova Magnets and multi-layer PCBs.


BT2000 will be at Booth D109 with our latest product range, supplier catalogues and the chance to win some amazing prizes. We look forward to seeing you at Booth D109.


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