Bottling line demonstrates benefits of smart technology


A single demonstration line running on the Omron stand (B34) at this year’s PPMA Show will reveal how a dynamic manufacturing operation – in this case, filling – can see dramatic efficiency and uptime improvements from the deployment of AI in at least two areas: intelligent machine control; and fault detection and remediation.

The first of Omron’s two areas of digital intelligence is focused at the machine level through its Sysmac controller with edge-based AI. With filling handled by an i4 SCARA robot, the small bottling line will demonstrate how this technology can deliver real-time trend analysis and alerts on the fly. This live data-at-the-edge, combined with the controller’s adaptive intelligence, allows the system to flag any anomalies.

In the second area of applied AI to be demonstrated, Omron will show how, using AR glasses, in-house engineers can work with a remote expert to correct any machine malfunction they cannot diagnose or remedy themselves.


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