Blackfast for the best black finish


Room temperature blacking of iron and steel. With the Blackfast process, chemical blacking can be done by anyone. It is safe, simple, fast and inexpensive.

Safe because unlike conventional methods of blacking it is non-hazardous.

Simple because the solutions are designed to be topped up and not replaced when they become weak.

Fast because it is on-site and ready for use at any time. There is no preparation required, the tank lids are taken off and components are blacked without any delay.

Inexpensive because the Blackfast solution coverage per litre is high and the resultant cost per unit of blacking is markedly less than the conventional method.

Blackfast creates a corrosion resistant finish without dimensional change. This is attractive for machined parts manufactured to tight tolerances, where plating or painting would not be acceptable.

Blackfast is the world leader in this process.

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