This excellent system from Blackfast Chemicals for room temperature blacking of iron – and steel components is incredibly easy to use, fast and cost effective.

Unlike conventional methods it is non hazardous.

It is a simple process of consecutive dips that can be done almost anywhere and by anyone, the whole process taking only 30 minutes.

The chemicals are designed to be topped up when they become weak, not replaced. Dumping is not necessary as with other processes.

Due to the non hazardous nature of the chemicals the blacking line can be located anywhere without the need for expensive ventilation or control procedures.

The coverage per litre is high, making it cheaper than conventional blacking methods.

If offers an attractive matt black finish and great corrosion resistance, without dimensional change, making it perfect for components manufactured to tight tolerances.

Even over blind holes and threads will it achieve an even colour finish.

The system is marketed world-wide and ranges from the small 20 litre capacity manually operated to the larger 1000 litre capacity fully automated systems.

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