Better Structural Analysis with VCmaster 2016


New features make it even easier to compile technical digital calculations

“This year we are not only releasing an improved VCmaster 2016, we are also celebrating our 20th anniversary.“ says Veit Christoph, founder and CEO of Veit Christoph GmbH, the home of VCmaster. Over the past 20 years VCmaster evolved from a simple calculation tool into a powerful application to solve technical calculations and save and share digital documentations. More then 4,000 companies in over 40 countries successfully use VCmaster on a daily basis.

The past few years have been dominated by ingenious innovations, such as:

  • The potent t2W-interface, which allows a seamless integration of CAD and other external software (2006).
  • The ingenious Hybrid-Technology, which allows extensive digital structural analyses by intelligently outsourcing parts of the document. (2011).
  • The inventive calculation templates according to the EUROCODE, which allow a trouble-free introduction to the new norms (2012).

These and many more innovations rank VCmaster as the most comprehensive tool in the structural design industry for digital technical documentation. The powerful t2W-interface is unique to VCmaster and makes it a technical computing software that does what spreadsheets, word processing and other programming applications alone can’t do: Bring blueprints, texts, images and calculations together into one single, interactive, reusable and professionally presented document.

VCmaster 2016 is packed with numerous new features, boosting the quality of technical documents significantly; allowing for an even smoother data portability and increasing processing efficiency. These improved features include: A completely new developed PDF-output improving document quality tremendously; smart hiding of chapters and an intelligent check option, which checks the final document for accuracy.

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