Bender UK launches Powerscout® Monitoring Tool


Bender has launched POWERSCOUT® a new cost effective web-based monitoring tool which analyses and reports on the health and condition of electrical installations.

Through permanent monitoring the web-based software provides estates, operational and energy managers in facilities, estates and factories an immediate real-time picture of the entire data for single or multiple site locations. The data is available remotely and enables proactive analysis and maintenance of the electrical infrastructure. It helps eliminate issues such as unplanned shut downs which causes considerable pain for clients in the form of downtime, and it can also enable managers to identify potential sources of energy wastage.

POWERSCOUT® integrates the data from both Bender and third party devices. The recorded data allows users to compare the power system performance of different buildings or site locations with all measured values systematically saved.  Information on system residual currents and power quality forms the basis for verifying the integrity of the system without switch-off and is designed to fulfil the requirements of the IEC 60364-6 regarding periodic verification – an area of testing which estates managers often find difficulty fulfilling adequately.

The comprehensive and continuously updated monitoring tool provides an effective method to identifying the causes of malfunctions in a simple and easy way. Fault currents and gradually developing insulation faults can be detected in time to allow proactive maintenance. It therefore helps prevent unexpected disturbances or shutdowns, potential system failure, fire, or damage to expensive equipment – maximising availability of critical systems.

The information is available remotely through secure web interfaces which can be accessed by authorised site staff or service partners.   Data is accessed via tablet, smartphone, laptop, or computer log in.

POWERSCOUT® reduces administrative effort and wasted engineer resource, enabling monitoring and reporting of information which is specific to the client’s needs.

POWERSCOUT® set up may require additional hardware and is available via purchase of an annual licence agreement. For further information or a demonstration contact Bender UK 01229 480123,

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