BEKO Airstation Simulator


YOUR MISSION: Compressed air with a quality of 2.4.2 according to ISO standard 8573.1.

Check your understanding of compressed air components with the BEKO Airstation simulator. You can find it You can arrange the BEKO compnents so that the desired quality of compressed air can be achieved.

You place the compnents by dragging them with the mouse pointer and dropping them in the desired position in the airline. You can change any position or exchange amy compnent until you are satisfyed with the results.

When you have selected the compnents click ‘ Done’ and your attempt will be evaluated and you will receive feedback. Furthermore, you can measure the quality of the air stream at any compnent of your air station with the Qualit-O-Meter.

Please have a go.


For more information, please contact our office on 01527 575778.


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