Beekeeper brings manufacturing teams together


Beekeeper empowers manufacturers to go beyond bulletin boards and email to communicate and interact with all employees within a powerful, secure, and mobile team app. Companies using Beekeeper effectively foster real-time collaboration, employee engagement, and operational insights through:

  • Mobile group messaging: Instant exchange of images, texts, and documents for faster decisions, responses, and operational communication––no text or email needed.
  • Team communication streams: Celebrate success, foster employee recognition, post product news, and share health and safety information instantly across departments and locations.
  • Digital employee surveys: Listen and gather structured feedback from frontline staff to improve operations processes and products, as well as gain new understanding of employees’ concerns and overall satisfaction.
  • Advanced analytics dashboard: Use actionable business intelligence to identify and involve influential employees, optimise content, and raise HR effectiveness.
  • Automated team communication tools: Automate recurring communication flows for new hire onboarding with a flexible, trigger-based workflow system, or send automated campaigns to selected segments of your employees to promote process updates.

Cristian Grossmann, CEO of Beekeeper, comments: “We realised that within the manufacturing industry workers are often split across multiple sites with no access to email.

Since the majority of workers have smart phones––and check them frequently––we realised that management could tap into this by providing an inclusive team communication tool, regardless of worker location or role. Beekeeper is an employee app that creates a space where everyone can interact, voice concerns, celebrate successes, be social and stay notified of company updates.”


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