Back to the future with Goss Springs


A TOP spring manufacturing company is supplying components for one of the top Le Mans racing teams – thanks to its MD’s passion for vintage cars.

Nick Goss of Goss Springs turned his passion into useful products for the legendary car makers, which last month saw them race in the world-famous Le Mans race.

Nick, a long time vintage car enthusiast, realised that he was able to make faithful replicas of the manufacturers original components using materials and drawings and produce them for a range of car makers and restorers.

Bespoke products include highly customised door handles, pressed engine part components as well as springs that are also used in luxury car engines.

Goss, who has over 30 years experience manufacturing components for high performance cars, also supplies special hub clips for other vintage classics as well as other top car specialists around the world.

Nick explained: “I’ve been a long time car enthusiast so I understand what’s important to a restorer and car maker…

“You don’t just want to offer customers the nearest equivalent to the original component to do the job but we like to do something different – using original drawings coupled with using the original materials we can produce a real like for like product which otherwise wouldn’t be available.”

“That is, a faithful replica of the original component for a car manufacturer. The result is that it’s a better fit for the car and a better fit for the customers as a whole.”

The flexible manufacturing operation and design experience at Goss Springs means that they can offer this very important and valuable service to niche industries in the UK, across Europe and even worldwide.

Nick adds: “From supplying highly customised springs and pressed part components for vintage cars to the demands of high volume modern vehicle part manufacturers I am very proud that Goss isn’t just a manufacturer which is just looking for the next generation of widget – we can legitimately say we take our customers back to the future!”

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