AxFlow launches range of elastomer coated rotary lobe pumps


AxFlow has extended its range of positive displacement pumps with the introduction of the Boyser LB suite of elastomer coated rotary lobe pumps for flows of between 5m³/hr and 130m³/hr. The LB pump has been designed from the ground up following an assessment of products currently on the market with a view to producing an economical process quality pump with the best combination of design features.


The LB range offers a combination of innovative features. Ergonomic rotors designed in conjunction with Universitat Autonoma in Barcelona, maximise the sealing face while allowing the passage of particles up to 50mm in size. The rotors can be coated in NBR (FDA), EPDM and Viton or supplied in AISI-410 and 316 stainless steel. Also to be noted is the unique intermediate chamber that isolates the pump head from the gear box, therefore avoiding any kind of cross contamination. The pumps utilise robust, high precision gears with self-aligned roller bearings that ensure that the rotary lobes deliver exceptionally high levels of accuracy and efficiency and use a range of process quality mechanical seals.


Lastly, stainless steel axial liners incorporated in the pump chamber protect the pump casing, help to maintain the pump’s performance and are easy to replace, thereby significantly increasing pump life.


AxFlow believes that the LB benefits from having the optimum design features that make it suitable for all but the most demanding process duties.


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