AVEVA InTouch Unlimited – The name you know, the capabilities you don’t


The world’s most widely used plant HMI is now unlimited.

AVEVA InTouch was first introduced in 1987 under the Wonderware brand, since then it has become the world’s most widely used plant HMI. This year marks the release of InTouch Unlimited, representing the next evolution of this affordable SCADA/HMI solution. Re-imaged to empower connected workers beyond the reach of HMI, businesses can reap the benefits of unlimited scalability, connectivity, reporting and web access. Both end users and system integrators can build connected operations, increasing productivity and efficiency while connecting to any device to provide real-time visualisation.

Andy Graham, Solutions Manager, SolutionsPT
“AVEVA InTouch is one of the most recognisable brands in industrial control, and that’s why we are here to dispel common myths around what is sometimes mistaken for ‘old technology’. This couldn’t be further from the truth, InTouch Unlimited represents the very latest in web technology with built-in historian and reporting. For customers on a tight budget, InTouch now represents enormous value for money.”

Same name, Unlimited opportunities
InTouch has an enviable heritage, but the capability step-change with the latest iteration gives it a new lease of life in the digital era of web-first thinking. InTouch Unlimited offers unlimited tags for unlimited clients, development tools built in, along with communication drivers, AVEVA™ Historian, and AVEVA™ Reports for Operations. The revamped product enables the all-important human operator to reach a new level of connectivity through the power of web and mobile apps. Following in the footsteps of InTouch which launched as the first HMI/SCADA solution on the Windows platform, InTouch Unlimited boasts web and mobile app connection, creating more connected operations and more connected workers.

As digital transformation advances, it opens new ways to work for operators. In an era of skills gaps and an ageing workforce, operators are being constantly tasked with doing more with less. To Achieve this requires a combination of cloud, web, and mobile applications enabling an operator of any experience level instant access to dashboards of vital operations.

Flex-ible costing
Further minimising the impact of both CAPEX and OPEX spend, InTouch Unlimited is available through the AVEVA Flex subscription, meaning businesses can trial the new capabilities and connectivity with no risk. See how the seamless customer reports can be built in minutes to immediately deliver value across operational and compliance reporting that doesn’t require coding.

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