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Reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction through adopting Lean

What is Lean?
Lean thinking is a set of principles and methods to identify and eliminate waste to deliver to your customers exactly what they need, when they need it, in the quantity they need, in the right sequence, without defects and at the lowest possible cost.

How Lean works
Lean employs a variety of tools to identify and eliminate waste.  Principle amongst these is Value Stream Mapping: the visual depiction of your manufacturing or service process, including information flow and product flow, by stakeholder teams.  This enables the creation of value to become visual and highlights waste and problems.  Analysis of Value Stream Maps helps teams to identify waste, problem solve, eliminate or combine process steps and reduce cycle time, increase quality and standardise processes.

Why you need Lean

  • Are you meeting your OTIF (on time, in full) target?
  • Is your lead time longer than your customers want?
  • Are there too many sign-offs to get work done effectively?
  • Do quality defects interrupt your on-time delivery?
  • What is the cost of poor quality? (Scrap, re-work and customer credits)
  • Do your staff work to standardised processes?
  • Do you suffer from Stock-Outs or have too much capital tiesup in stock?
  • Do you want to grow your business without moving premises?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to all of these, then you’re doing well, but if you can see there’s room for improvement, then we can help you.

What ALC offers

ALC combines the experience of over 20 years of Consultant experience in business improvement with a practical, no-nonsense approach to Lean.  Tim Scurlock, Principal Consultant, has a background in Automotive and broad Lean experience in Manufacturing, Warehousing and Service.  Tim is joined by Anne Harris who was the Lean Manager of Parker SSD Europe and has in-depth experience of applying Lean techniques and solutions to shop floor and management teams alike.

ALC’s standard is to conduct a 1 day Lean Audit to scrutinise your key business processes through a lean lens.

We follow the creation of Value through your company processes such as from Sales Order to Fulfilment or from Component Purchase to Despatch.  Along the way, we check for flow, lean layout, how work is scheduled and discuss inventory and stock control.  We look for Visual Management and check for Standard Work.  We talk to your staff and management to assess how you work as Lean Managers and how effectively your daily controls work.

We provide a report:

  • Identifying strengths and opportunities across the business
  • Recommending how and where to apply some Quick Wins
  • Detailing the Business Opportunity you could gain from adopting Lean thinking and removing the waste that we’ve identified.
  • Making recommendations on how we could help you realise the savings from Lean

For the SME, ALC are offering a 25% discount for all Lean Audits booked during the show!


If you’re interested, then come and see us on Stand E104.  Or if you’d like to find out more about Lean, then join Tim who will be giving Seminars each day at the SME.

Come along and learn about Lean.



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