Automation Vs Lean Manufacturing


Automation is becoming more and more apparent in todays world of manufacturing, whether it’s semi automated processes and control systems for operating machinery or completely automated systems in factories known as “lights out” manufacturing using robots for production.

Manufacturing will always need people to design, program and service automated machines, but the biggest benefit of automation is that it saves on labour with the reduction of human intervention, however it can also be used to save energy and materials, and improve quality and accuracy.

At Fine Cut we operate a semi automated factory, all our machines have aspects of automatisation, but our highly skilled operatives are needed everyday to ensure smooth running of these machines and to monitor quality control within all our production process.

We also follow a tight lean manufacturing business model throughout our entire company, involving never ending efforts to eliminate waste and to improve productivity and reduce costs. We endeavour to cut any activity that consumes material or time and does not add value to the product. This includes overproduction, periods of inactivity, unnecessary transport & movement, extra processing, excessive inventory, additional motion from inefficient layout and defects that do not conform to specifications.

We believe our focus on lean manufacturing gives us an advantage over our competitors, as we understand the wants and needs of our customers and will constantly modify and improve to meet expectations and requirements. We strive to delivery the highest quality products with quick turnaround times and exceptional customer service.

We offer a huge range of label and marking solutions for the industrial market including graphics overlays, membrane keypads, metal nameplates, asset tagging and serialisation and many more.

If you are interested in our label & marking solutions please visit our website or contact us at / 01903 751666.


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