Automation 24 and Visaya merger to expand automation offer


Automation24 GmbH and Process+Lab Devices Online-GmbH, operator of the online shop, Visaya, have joined forces to target the automation technology market together.

The joint venture, which arose as a result of the merger of the two companies, has been operating under the name Automation24 GmbH since April 2021.

The management of Automation24, consisting of Katharina Messerschmidt and Thorsten Schulze, has been expanded to include Madhu Venkatesan, who previously managed Visaya’s business operations. The company will operate from both locations in Germany, Essen and Berlin, accompanied by the subsidiary Automation24, Inc, in King of Prussia, PA, USA.

“With the merging of the two online shops, our portfolio will also be expanded,” said Thorsten Schulze, who, as a managing director, is also responsible for the product range. “Initially, configurable and stock products in the field of factory and process automation will be offered on a single internet platform. Shortly afterwards, safety products will also be added to our range.” 

Customers will also benefit from the merging of the two shops with website functionality, as Madhu Venkatesan explained: “Several Visaya’s web-based tools have already been successfully implemented at From autumn onwards, a product configurator will also support users in the selection of configurable products. Within the context of our second level support, experienced engineers answer questions regarding the products and perform a final check on all orders for configured products before they move on to production.

The shared business model focuses on growth and the establishment of target-group-appropriate eCommerce standards. In doing so, Automation24 is holding firm to its strategy. “We place value on providing good value for money and the high availability of stock products,” said Katharina Messerschmidt. “Our customers include, in particular, small and medium-sized businesses, who choose to purchase branded products from various manufacturers, from a single source. This target group values uncomplicated and reasoned technical advice, as well as the convenience of a simple, online purchasing process.”


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