ARGOS and SPRING: The most innovative solutions for air and coolant filtration


Losma shows its innovative products at MACH Birmingham 2018

LOSMA, international leader in design and installation of air and coolant filtration systems for machine tools, takes part at MACH Birmingham 2018 at Stand H7-544.

The company will show cutting edge solutions for oil mists and coolant filtration generated by machine tool working. From the wide range of mist collectors and depurators, Losma will exhibit:

  • ARGOS, a filtration unit provided in 3 sizes able to filter from 3,000 to 15.000 m³/h, ideal for centralized applications or machine tools of large dimensions. Designed for the purification of mists, vapors and smoke generated during the mechanical working, it is provided with different combinations of filters with an efficiency of filtration up to 99.97%. The filtration process is composed of two stages: the air enters into a settling chamber where the larger particles coalesce, then passes through the pleated cartridges which retain the smaller particles. Upon request it can be supplied with LED Up system for monitoring the cartridges clogging.
  • SPRING COMPACT, it is a self-cleaning drum filtration system for coolants, able to filter neat oil or emulsion; flow rates are based on customer request. It has a fully automatic filtration process: the polluting particles are deposited on the drum surface, forming the actual filtering layer (in many applications, it may reach a 10-14 mm thickness). When the metallic net loses completely its filtering power, automatically the wash cycle with countercurrent jets starts: the drum rotates on itself and dredge system scrapes the deposited sludge. Filtration fabric is made by a washable metallic net, which avoid any use of consumable material. Spring Compact has a peculiarity, it can work just the coolant quantity needed by the machine tool, sending it straight back. Thus the clean coolant transit tank is free from mud deposit.


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