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Increased efficiency is a keyword in modern industrial production. Organisations strive to devise new ways of optimising production and reducing energy consumption. Meanwhile, legislation and unions rightly continue to call for improved ergonomics for employees to lower absenteeism caused by illness or injury. Electric linear actuator specialist LINAK explains how you can now meet both these requirements.

By changing to low-energy, maintenance-free electric actuators, choosing intelligent actuators tested to withstand harsh conditions, and having easily installed customised solutions to improve ergonomics, it is possible to reduce energy consumption and improve working conditions.

Whether you produce soldering ovenspackaging, welding or textile machinesbar feeders, or conveyor belt systems, electric actuators can improve your application. For example, LINAK actuator solutions help adjust height, accurately load materials or create fast refits for size variations – all of which improve ergonomics for employees while keeping costs down.

Unlike other actuation systems, electric actuators do not use any hoses, pumps or compressors. This not only means no risk of leaking oil but also eliminates maintenance, minimises downtime, and significantly prolongs actuator service life. Furthermore, the standby energy consumption of LINAK actuators is close to zero, making them the most cost-efficient solution on the market.

Solutions with intelligence

LINAK actuators undergo thorough testing before they are released for sale. They are designed to work in even the harshest environment and to tolerate washing without damaging the finer electronics inside. This is important not only to avoid time-consuming breakdowns but also to keep employees safe.

Electric actuators are easy to install as they require only a power cord and a data cable to connect them to the industrial machine. LINAK solutions can be customised to fit into almost any industrial machine and will integrate easily with almost any existing control system. This means significantly better ergonomics.

The newest introduction to the LINAK TECHLINE range, the LC3 IC – Elevate is ideal for applications in areas such as material handling as well as industrial automation and ergonomics, as it features an integrated controller offering easy integration thanks to its compact size and industrial interfaces, a brushless DC motor for precise control and longer lifetime and offers high speeds.

The LC3 IC electric lifting column comes with a built-in controller to facilitate easy integration into industrial applications. The integrated controller allows you to choose between digital and analogue signals or Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP. These interfaces provide several feedback options like position, speed, current temperature, status and error codes.

The brushless DC motor enables better motor control and precise positioning, which results in smooth acceleration and an increased lifetime.

The LC3 IC can push or pull loads of up to 1000N with a speed of up to 100 mm/sec. The speed is adjustable and independent of the load.

The LC3 IC comes in a 3-stage version and offers stroke lengths of up to 900mm. The column can handle high bending moments – dynamic as well as static – and can be mounted in both vertical directions.

The integrated controller removes the need for an external control box, which makes the LC3 IC fit even where space is limited.

With its faint sound, this discreet electric lifting column also benefits the work environment.


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