Alcumus Sypol Launches New Guide Highlighting Manufacturing Safety Challenges and How to Protect People From Workplace Hazards


Every workplace has its hazards, but the manufacturing industry poses a higher risk of injury work-related ill health than many other work environments. Many industrial manufacturers have risk exposure on multiple levels, but there are several common hazards facing the sector.

Workplace safety and hazardous substance management are key concerns of every manufacturing company. The industry has a rate of fatal 1.5 times the average across all industries and around 2.1% of workers sustained injuries compared to 1.8% across all industries. In financial terms, injury and illness cost an estimated £1.2 billion in 2018/19, while fines from prosecutions totalled around £16.1 million in 2019/20, with an average fine per case of £181,000.

2020 work-related ill health in manufacturing:

85,000 people suffered with work-related ill health +8% from 2018/2019

34,000 people with a musculoskeletal disorder +3% from 2018/2019

32,000 people with stress, depression or anxiety +23% from 2018/2019

4,000 workers with breathing or lung problems (no change)

At the same time, workplace-related stress, illnesses and mental health issues are becoming a bigger concern than ever with the rate consistently increasing. While more than 60% of manufacturers assess the risk of physical injury and promote better physical safety, fewer than 15% assess work that will damage mental health and only one in five invest in measures to promote mental health.

To help increase awareness of health, safety, wellbeing and risk management, Alcumus Sypol has launched a new guide entitled “Industrial Manufacturing – Protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of 2.7 million workers” highlighting the challenges that the industry faces and how to protect people from workplace hazards.

Alcumus Sypol plays a vital role in supporting its clients to manage hazardous substance usage and achieve compliance with the COSHH regulations. 92% of Sypol clients say that since working with Sypol they are now confident in their organisation’s COSHH compliance and 83% of clients say that using the COSHH management software helps make their business processes more efficient and saves them time and money.

Mike Harris, Head of Customer Success, commented:

“The UK is currently the ninth largest manufacturing nation, employing an estimated 2.7 million workers who face unique safety risks. Industrial manufacturing workers take on high-risk activities every day, from the materials and machinery they use to hazardous substance exposure, health and safety teams play a crucial role in looking after the safety and wellbeing of workers and making sure they’re compliant with the relevant regulations and inspections.”

About Alcumus Sypol

With more than 40 years of experience dealing with hazardous substance strategies, Alcumus Sypol can help your organisation to overcome your COSHH challenges through a variety of solutions.

Alcumus Sypol provides a unique combination of technology, expertise and consultancy to help you protect people from exposure to hazardous substances while also saving valuable time and resource. Alcumus Sypol’s market-leading COSHH management solutions provide the tools and information to comply with legislation and reduce ill-health.


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