Alan Gustar – King of the Unislides at LG Motion


It is often said that the most important assets of a company are its staff and this is certainly the case at LG Motion in Basingstoke.

alan-gustarAlan Gustar, known affectionately at LG Motion as King of Unislide has been making the Unislide range of linear slideways for a staggering 40 years during which time – and thankfully nobody was actually standing next to him with a stopwatch and clip board – it is estimated that he has produced over 10,000 units.

It is a well-worn adage that companies designing and manufacturing engineering products must always be at the cutting edge of innovative technologies ensuring that they can keep providing the most up to date solutions to their customer base.

The paradox inherent in this sort of view is that there are thousands of “solutions” out there that we use every day which have, on the face of it, barely changed since they were first “invented”.  Without over simplifying a very complex idea, take the simple radial ball bearing, designed to support and promote radial movement on an axis – the basic design  of two solid “rings” commonly made from steel holding in place rolling elements encased perhaps in a retainer and surrounded by lubricant for friction free movement.  Nothing much has changed to this basic design solution over the passage of time.

LG Motion have their own rock of consistency in their product portfolio with the Unislide which is a perfect example of how a product design life can run and run.

UniSlide Linear Slides

UniSlide dovetail slides continue to be one of LG’s most successful products. Their simple design and versatility enables them to be used as manual or motorised units, either singularly or in multi-axis assemblies.

If you need precise, versatile movement in one, two or three dimensions, you can do it more efficiently and less expensively with UniSlide assemblies.


Unique rigid dovetail design.

Light-weight, high-strength aluminium alloy.

Resistant to impact loads

Corrosion resistant

Manufactured by Us in the UK


Suitable for vacuum, 10-6 torr

Manual or motorised versions

Simple, Strong, Durable design.

Modular for easy multi-axis combinations

With over 1 million supplied throughout the world, UniSlide’s simple design, rugged, reliable operation has been successfully proven in thousands of applications across science and industry.

About LG Motion

LG Motion design, manufacture and supply motion products throughout Europe from its base in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

From components to complete systems, LG Motion deliver innovative and cost effective motion control and positioning solutions for applications across science and industry.

So if you need to go in and out, up and down and round and round, LG Motion can help you.

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