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Relec is 40 years young! We are astonished to realise we have been supplying power conversion and display units for 40 years – it genuinely feels like we’re still in our infancy.

What’s happened in the last 40 years? The World Wide Web was invented, the Hubble space telescope was launched, Google was born, Brexit arrived – and the Rolling Stones are still touring. This period has seen almost inconceivable growth in so many factors affecting modern life: telecommunications, medicine, travel, technology. These industry changes have seen many companies come and go but standing firm throughout, and responding to the changing times, is Relec.

From our beginnings as Astech Components, born out of a desire to get the right aerospace components in to the right hands, Relec have adapted, responded and continually grown. We’ve maintained our company ethos since 1978, focussing on supplying the best and most suitable products to provide a solution. We were one of the first to achieve ISO9002 recognition in 1991. Our small team have outstanding technical knowledge and we work alongside engineers to get results: they ask for help, we will find the answer.

Relec has moved with the times. From our beginnings in flight refuelling and aerospace, we now provide power conversion and display units for many industries in many countries, having widened our product scope. Our customers are truly worldwide.

Relec is incredibly proud to be a major player in the industry. The face of technology may have been transformed almost inconceivably but Relec has developed and responded to those changing needs. Our turnover has grown almost 300% since the current business owner’s arrival in 2003. We launched our Relec rebrand earlier in the year, bringing us visually up-to-date and making it even easier for customers to find what they needed.

But our growth and longevity wouldn’t have been possible without loyalty from our suppliers. With their support, Relec has earned its place as market leader, a one stop shop for power and display units and a recognised expert. That’s why we go the extra mile, ensuring we deliver exactly what our customers need – and sometimes delivering what they don’t know they need until we provide them with a solution.

While the world has changed immeasurably in 40 years, Relec remains, changing, growing and responding to the times and only looking forward to the next 40 years.



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