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Pioneering Excellence for 20 years and counting

Since forming in 2003 Adaptsys has remained heavily involved in both driving and utilising the incredible Technological advancements made over the last 20 years, with unprecedented speed the landscape of our everyday lives has been forever changed by the integration of new tech.  Adaptsys has been at the forefront of this transformation, primarily driven through innovations in semiconductor development, by collaborating with a number of Technology Companies responsible for introducing significant improvements to the way components are programmed, tested, handled and packed.

Adaptsys began its journey as the European distributor for BPM Microsystems, providing and supporting market leading Device Programming Systems to the market, soon after, and with the recognition of the requirement to output and pack the programmed devices, a partnership with V-TEK International was established to complement our product portfolio.  The next alliance to be made was with SMH Technologies, their ISP solution providing a universal platform to cater to our customer’s needs for on-board programming.  Most recently Adaptsys has joined forces with CheckSum Inc to supply/service systems for the Board Test market, this is a natural fit to our collective experience and expertise within this area of industry.

Adaptsys strategic partnerships is just one side of our business endeavours, the other being the tools and technologies that we have created over the years to facilitate our customers undertakings in streamlining and improving their processes.  Since 2008 we have been using our own patented manufacturing process to form and supply carrier tape to our customers, this of course was an obvious development to our business – due primarily to our gained knowledge supporting the V-TEK Tape and Reeling range of products an appreciation was realised as to the challenges faced by our customers with sourcing suitable pockets in a timely manner at a reasonable price.  Our Carrier Tape Forming system has gone through continued development over the years, with the rigours of being used continuously in a production environment providing our R&D engineers the opportunity to refine the system to a compact intuitive machine which can produce Carrier Tape directly into the taping process (in-line).  In 2019 we released the patented ‘Re-flex Carrier Tape Forming System’ to the market and since then have received an exceptional level of interest and demand to what is being described as the Next Generation in Carrier Tape Management.

Productronica 2023, What to Expect

Productronica is just around the corner, and the excitement is building! At Adaptsys, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be joined by our esteemed partners, BPM Microsystems, CheckSum, and V-TEK International, at Booth A1.357. We invite you to embark on a transformative journey through the world of cutting-edge industrial manufacturing technologies.

Over the course of this 4-day event, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest advancements surrounding critical aspects of your industry, including:

Out of Circuit Programming: Discover how Adaptsys and our partners are revolutionizing programming techniques to optimize efficiency and accuracy.

Manual Programmers: Explore the future of manual programming, where precision meets simplicity, giving you unmatched control.

Board Test: Witness the next generation of board testing solutions, designed to streamline your manufacturing process and ensure quality.

Parallel Functional Test: Experience the power of parallel testing and how it can supercharge your product development cycle.

Tape & Reel: Uncover innovative approaches to tape and reel processes that can enhance your production speed and reliability.

In-line Tape Forming: Delve into the world of in-line tape forming, a game-changer for optimizing your manufacturing flow.

Counterfeit AI Inspection: Stay ahead of counterfeit threats with AI-powered inspection solutions that protect your brand and reputation.

But that’s not all! We believe in starting your day right. Join us each morning of the show to enjoy a complimentary coffee, a refreshing smoothie, or a revitalizing juice. It’s the perfect opportunity to network with fellow technology enthusiasts, share ideas, and forge valuable connections.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to stay at the forefront of industrial manufacturing innovation. Booth A1.357 is where the future of your industry unfolds.

Get ready to unlock the potential of tomorrow’s manufacturing technologies, and let’s shape the future together at Productronica!

See you there.


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