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MECPA met up with Accurate Laser Cutting to ask them a few questions about their new 10kw fiber laser.

Tell us a little bit about Accurate Laser Cutting and what you do?

Accurate Laser Cutting was founded in 2005, by directors Jon Till and Steve Morgan.

We have two locations, our main office is based in Oldbury, West Midlands, and the other office is based in Rotherham. The company specialises in laser cutting and metal forming. Accurate Laser Cutting cut/fold all kinds of metal from brass, copper to mild steel and aluminium So in essence we offer  laser cutting (cutting metal) services and Press braking (metal bending) services.

We have an in-house CAD/CAM software, operated by our team of experts can reverse engineer sketches into high quality components.

We also have an in-house range of CNC hydraulic press brakes that offer a maximum capacity of up to 4 metres & 320 tonnes. They are able to work on a complete supply or free issue basis from materials in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and tred plate up to 25mm.

We also had a major revamp of its current website with up to date features such as a mobile friendly service, a quick quote contact form, allowing customers to attach CAD drawings in many different formats. The new website also has a FAQ’s page, overall making it is easier to use and is more visually engaging.


Can you tell us about the product?

Accurate laser cutting was the first company to acquire the 10kW fiber laser machine.

  • Powerful 10kw power output
  • 3 x 1.5m capacity
  • Phenomenal processing speeds
  • Suitable for non-ferrous metal including copper & brass
  • Maximum processing capacity of up to 30mm
  • Exceptional cut across entire thickness & material spectrum


Can you tell us about the £700,000 investment and why you chose to invest it in the 10kW fiber laser?

The reasons we chose to invest in the new 10kW fiber laser machine, was to gain a competitive edge on our competitors.

The other factor being, our customers,  we were receiving large quantity of orders from customers, requiring a quick turnaround, we needed to keep up with the increasing demand, The 10kW fiber laser enables us to have shorter lead times on customer orders. Also with to keep In line with our fast rapid service, which includes rapid delivery service too.


What is the 10kW fiber laser capable off?

The high performance equipment is capable of laser cutting aluminium & stainless steel up to 30mm thick, mild steel up to 25mm, 15mm brass & 12mm copper. It can also clean cut mild steel up to 15mm thick, which is beneficial to customers who require an oxidation free edge on their parts.


Is there a main difference between the 8kW and 10kW?

The main difference is the processing speeds. The 10kW is much faster and more precise in laser cutting metals. It can also cut thicker materials than the 8kW.


What are the processing speeds of the 10kW?

The 10wk Fiber laser is capable of cutting 60 metres per minute.



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