ABB Robotics wins prize for transformational work in automated construction


ABB Robotics and technology company Automated Architecture (AUAR) have won the prize for ‘Best Use of Robotics or Automation in Construction’ at the 2023 Robotics & Automation Awards. The winning initiative sees ABB robots being used by AUAR to transform the way homes are designed and built.

Automated Architecture (AUAR) aims to redefine building construction to make it suitable for robots, while also bringing it closer to communities and meeting the needs of users. The start-up’s innovative solution uses ABB robots to make standardised components that can be assembled into complete buildings at a network of community micro-factories close to construction sites.

The London-based company is already using ABB robots to build customised, robotically assembled dwellings. The resulting homes make efficient use of materials and radically reduce CO2 emissions across the entire supply chain compared to traditional construction.

AUAR was founded by two architects and associate professors at UCL, Mollie Claypool (CEO) and Gilles Retsin (CTO), who had been working for over 10 years on robotics, automation, construction and architecture. They have relied extensively on support from ABB to realise their vision, according to Retsin.

“ABB understands that the construction market is the next place to go for robotic automation and we got incredible support from the very first email. ABB gave us a lot of engineering support to help us figure out our first robot cell, even giving us our own space at its Milton Keynes centre to play around and experiment,” he says.

The concept of fabricated buildings is attracting growing interest as the building industry looks for ways to build sustainable homes faster and more cost effectively. Using automation enables this, whilst also addressing skills and labour shortages that are delaying project times. This is further enhanced by AUAR’s approach to establishing microfactories staffed with local contractors and suppliers to help in delivery of the finished structures.

“We are thrilled that our work with AUAR has been recognised with this award,” says Julian Ware, ABB Robotics UK & Ireland Sales Manager. “Their approach clearly shows how automated construction can transform the future of housing whilst helping the sector to tackle issues such as cost, labour shortages, flexibility and time to build. We are proud that ABB technology has played such a big role in helping AUAR to realise its vision.”

Run by Akabo Media, the Robotics & Automation Awards highlight innovation demonstrated by both British and international organisations in the application of robotic or automated systems across a range of industries.


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