A higher standard of metering performance and energy efficiency


WANNER has designed and developed a metering pump range that integrates Hydra-Cell Pro seal-less pump technologies for the highest levels of volumetric and energy efficiencies across the full turndown – 100% to 1% of rated flow – for accurate metering performance.

The Hydra-Cell Pro MT8 series exceeds API 675 standards with a steady-state accuracy of ±1%, linearity ±3%, and repeatability ±3% over a wide adjustable range.

Unlike single diaphragm metering pump technologies, WANNER’s metering design with multiple diaphragms in a single pump head eliminates the need for pulsation dampeners and associated risks of pipe strain in most applications, with reduced acceleration head losses and a wider process window. The extremely low pulse flow from this design delivers a much more even distribution of injected chemicals.

For superior accuracy and reliable operation at low- and high-suction pressures, the hydraulic oil management system replenishes on every back stroke, also ensuring a more consistent process. In addition, the patented Advanced Diaphragm Position Control (ADPC) protects the diaphragms under closed or restricted inlet conditions; if an operator runs the Hydra-Cell pump by accident with a closed suction line isolation valve, the diaphragms are not damaged.

With WANNER’s valve set design and material options, this reliably handles a wide range of viscosities and shear sensitivities, plus corrosive liquids, abrasives, slurries and suspended solids. And the compact design of the MT8 saves valuable plant space.

Paul Davis, Managing Director of Wanner International, said: “Our Hydra-Cell MT8 metering pump range delivers the highest accuracy with reduced costs in acquisition, operation, service, maintenance and energy usage. It also has a 20+ year design life.

“They are reliably pumping some of the most challenging liquids within flow chemistry and HPLC applications for major, global pharmaceutical and critical process manufacturers from research and development trials to full scale production.”



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