3M refines sound measurement for oil and gas industry

Diversified Technology Company 3M has announced the addition of two intrinsically safe sound level meters designed to work in the challenging oil and gas environments.
Offshore employers have a legal duty to protect their workers’ health and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSW) requires them to ensure they employ specific regulations on health hazards such as noise.
Class/Type 1 SE-401-IS and Class/Type 2 SE-402-IS are extensions to the Sound Examiner SE-400 Series of sound level meters by 3M.
The new models are recognised with ATEX approval, a requirement on sites which are hazardous, and therefore lend themselves well to classified zones found on oil and gas sites and platforms. ATEX consists of two EU directives describing what equipment and work conditions are allowed in an environment with an explosive atmosphere. The meters are also certified intrinsically safe to UL and DEMKO standards.
These instruments by 3M compute the average sound pressure level (LEQ/LAVG) over the run time, in addition to measuring maximum, minimum and peak levels. The SE-400 Series by 3M also offers data logging for download and analysis with 3M Detection Management Software DMS.
Rob Green, from the personal safety division of 3M says: “Area noise monitoring in the oil and gas industry poses a unique set of challenges as these environments often require instruments to offer intrinsic safety features. If intrinsically safe instruments are not available, ‘hot work permits’ are required and obtaining one can cause delays and expense. The SE-400 Intrinsically Safe Series by 3M offers ATEX, UL and DEMKO intrinsic safety approvals, which allow you to begin monitoring at your convenience. Intrinsic safety certification is a difficult technical challenge and these models do a great job delivering an intuitive solution that helps our customers.”
Available to buy from Shawcity, more information on the product can be found here:http://www.shawcity.co.uk/products/se400

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