3D Laser Improves Enclosure Machining


Kiesling has launched a new 3D laser centre, the Perforex LC 3015, significantly expanding the performance range of its Perforex enclosure machining centres. 

As well as machining panels, manufacturers of controllers and switchgear can now quickly process complete housings such as the AE compact enclosure and the TS 8 enclosure system.

Fully welded enclosures such as the Rittal SE 8 can be machined from a number of sides and in one operation without re-clamping being required (instead, they only need to be placed on the surface of the machine) speeding up the process further.

While the machining of stainless steel surfaces has been  associated with high tool wear, extended processing times,  and high noise levels, machining with laser technology is  non-contact, quick and offers little vibration, leaving the cut edges un-tarnished or discoloured. The need for manual rework tasks such as cleaning and deburring is also eliminated. 

The Perforex LC 3015 is not only ideal for use with stainless steel, but also with sheet steel and powder coated metal plates. 

It has a machining surface of 1,270 mm x 850 mm x 2,250 mm.  Stainless steel and steel sheets in material thicknesses of up to 3 mm can be machined with a cutting width of only three tenths of a millimetre and at a speed of approximately 550 mm/min.

Payback on investment in the system for controller manufacturers  and plant constructors is relatively quick – after just 150 stainless steel enclosures or 300 steel plate enclosures per year.

Further information at www.rittal.co.uk and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com, or on twitter @rittal_ltd.


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