3D animations demonstrate fastener use


TR Fastenings, part of the Trifast plc group, has launched new interactive 3D animations which help to make its products and installation methods easier to understand for buyers and design engineers, as well as being a beneficial training and educational tool. 

The real-time technical animations now available from TR Fastenings (TR) demonstrate products, processes and concepts, which can often be complex and hard to visualise.

3D is all around us; it’s in apps, movies and video games, and as TR recognises that design concepts are changing, so must their visual portfolio.

There is growing worldwide demand for more interactive content, specifically within the fasteners industry, which TR is fully embracing and taking advantage of with its animation know-how. It’s fast evolving, especially with virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) starting to disrupt industrial design and engineering. With the advent of emerging technologies, manufacturing has become more complex, so the integration of VR and AR enables manufacturers to simplify these processes.

Accurate visualisation

Produced by TR’s in-house visualisation team, 3D models have been created following collaboration with their technical and design teams.

The key requirement of the animations is to enable the user to visualise products accurately in different settings and formats. Time was spent refining the user interface to produce models of TR’s own brand products, such as the self clinch fasteners.

3D product visualiser

Ever wondered what a self clinch fastener looks like cut in half, or visualised the appearance of when it is fully assembled? TR believes this assists companies at the design stage and could be invaluable. A range of options enables the user to interact with the products in a variety of ways, such as assemblies, cutaways, magnification, material types and installation.

There are currently around 50 products with the 3D product visualiser available on the TR website. The plan is for these to be an integral part of TR’s ongoing content strategy as the industry forges ahead with offering visualisation technology to meet design engineering demands.

Installation animations

TR can show an entire installation process, end to end. What can often be difficult to explain is now much clearer and easier to understand using a visual representation of the part in situ. TR’s installation animations are an ingenious way to simply demonstrate a virtual assembly and subassembly.

Glenda Roberts, Global Projects and Marketing Director, said: “We are delighted with our new series of 3D product visualisers and animations, which are available for all our customers. This represents a real step change in how designers and engineers can work with us. Virtual and augmented reality technology have advanced significantly in recent years, but our industry has not fully captured that potential. We will continue to develop our offering to ensure we bring innovative concepts to life.”

In May 2022, TR launched its new website, which consolidated its previous investor site and corporate site into one digital front door for the group. It now includes a host of new features and enriched content, including a personalised user area, which helps to create a new experience for TR’s customers and partners.



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