24 Carrot solution found by Hayley Group with special Chopper Pump


For a fast-growing company that makes machines for the post-harvest processing of vegetables, Hayley Group is set to provide two new Landia Chopper Pumps that have special external shredders.


Originally developed to deal with difficult wastewater solids in the fish processing industry, the Landia shredder-propeller design has now proved its capability in handling troublesome stringy material such as carrot tops, that typically cause problems for standard pumps.

Speaking for Hayley Group, the leading nationwide engineering component supplier (who also supply bearing and pneumatic products to the machinery manufacturer), Daniel Moulding, Assistant Manager, said:

“The Landia Chopper Pumps work extremely well for our customers in numerous applications. In this particular challenge, the specialist machinery company asked us for help, because their existing pumps struggled with the fibrous and gritty material that is an inevitable part of the wastewater process with vegetables.

“This latest purchase of two new Landia Chopper Pumps follows orders for five units that were successfully introduced at various locations during 2023.

“Landia have been very helpful indeed in working with us to understand our customer’s needs; adapting the shredder-propeller so that there is no longer any downtime on the processing lines, which is a huge benefit.”

Howard Burton, Technical Sales Engineer for Landia, added:

“For certain effluents with difficult solids, the pre-cutting shredder-propeller adds another important chopping stage; continuously reducing particle size and keeping the process running efficiently.”

Daniel Moulding from Hayley Group, continued: “In addition to providing such an effective, reliable solution, Landia also give us fast and efficient back-up whenever we need it.

“When our customer first used the Landia Chopper Pump, they said they’d never go back to the previous type of units. Another eight pumps later, we and they are very happy with the positive outcome, as are the end-users of the equipment.”



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